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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】


​Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Basic Dos and Don'ts

Here, we have provided unified answers to some representative basic questions about our optical-grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheets, which are all real and frequently asked by customers, and we give you direct answers from the engineer's perspective. Hoping to provide assistance in your selection, make our communication more accurate and effective, and improve communication efficiency.

1. Is there a thickness of 5MM?

Our products are specialty optical-grade ultra-thick polycarbonate solid sheets with thicknesses ranging from 30-450mm.

In addition, when the demand for a single batch exceeds 50 sheets, the thickness between 20-30mm can be customized.
2. Is there red colour?
3. Is there a meter * two meters?
4. How long is the delivery time?
5. What is the minimum order quantity?
6. How to ensure quality?
7. Do you provide product processing?
8. Can you send me a sample?
9. What is the sample size?
10. Can your products be used in construction?
11. How do you prove that you are unique?
12. Isn't polycarbonate unsuitable for pouring?
13. Can the price be cheaper?
14. About special manufacturing technology
15. What are the thickness tolerances?
16. Are your polycarbonate sheets UV resistant?
17. Can your polycarbonate sheet be burned by fire for a long time?
18. Are your polycarbonate sheets flame retardant?
19. Do your polycarbonate sheets have double-sided hardening?
20. Do you have a protective film on your polycarbonate sheet?
21. What does double-sided hardening do?
22. How flatness is the sheet?
23. Can samples be supplied with a thickness of 300mm?
24. Why is polycarbonate called the number one engineering plastic?
25. Is polycarbonate electrical insulation?

: Promoting the global influence and development of the optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate (PC) sheet is of great significance for the application of special industrial transparent materials.