Others can't, we can

Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】


​Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

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PASMO special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet

tkickness range 30-450mm

· When Others Can't....,We Can!

​​· Materials are the muscles of industry, while transparent materials are the biceps brachii and eyes of industry!


​​​· We are the only company in China that can produce and provide optical-grade special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets, with a thickness range of 30-450mm. 

· The only special transparent material that comprehensive mechanical properties are comprehensively close to metal, with the reputation of "polycarbonate armor sheet", "transparent steel plate" and "transparent armor"!

: Promoting the global influence and development of the optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate (PC) sheet is of great significance for the application of special industrial transparent materials.