​Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

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Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】,【Optically transparent】,【Ultra-high strength】,【Better performance】,【More easier to process】

​Major breakthrough in polycarbonate material —— High-grade special transparent material solution.


explosion-proof & bulletproof special transparent materials

material performance advantages

  • Bulletproof and anti-explosion special transparent armor material, polymer explosion-proof glass, anti-explosion polycarbonate sheet.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Special bulletproof glass that will not shatter, anti-explosion transparent armor plate, bulletproof and anti-explosion polymer transparent material.
  • ​​​Special anti-explosion transparent material, anti-explosion transparent board, resistance to armed violent attacks, military-grade high-energy protection.
  • Bulletproof and anti-explosion, no penetration, no fragmentation, and will not produce radial "spider web-like chipping cracks" that block the line of sight.
  • Optically transparent, lightweight, easy to process, maximum thickness 450mm level, special high-performance transparent protective material.

ultra-high strength special transparent material

High-grade special industrial transparent material solutions

Special anti-explosion bulletproof transparent material, different from traditional bulletproof glass, bulletproof anti-explosive bomb attack will not penetrate, will not shatter, will not produce "spider web radial lines" that obscures the line of sight, special high-performance transparent protective materials. Special Anti-Explosion Armor Glass -【Military Grade ProtectionFor Details

High-grade specialty transparent materials


  • Special po​lycarbonate solid clear sheets (Br​and Trademark:Pasmo®)

  • Production Process: bulk polymerization integrated pouring molding

  • Density: 1.22g/cm3

  • Thickness Range: 30-450mm

  • Un​iform Size:50" X 60"=(1270mm X 1530mm)

  • Co​lour:clear

  • Tra​nsparency:≧90%(Based on 30MM)

  • Uses: higher industry, specialty equipment, etc. For details please · CONTACT US ·

Note: This material belongs to high-performance special transparent material, not ordinary polycarbonate sheet, and the smallest price also exceeds 500 US dollars per square meter. Please read the content of this website carefully, hope our communication is precise and effective. Long live understanding.

Explosion-Proof & Bulletproof Armor Specialty

transparent materials

 1. Overview/

Special anti-explosion transparent material, polymer explosion-proof glass, anti-explosion special ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet, high-energy protective transparent armor, special explosion-proof armor glass-[military grade protection].

Bulletproof and anti-explosion special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheet, with ultra-high strength, large thickness and optical transparency, belongs to the category of special transparent armor glass, is a polymer bulletproof and anti-explosion transparent material. Bulletproof and anti-explosion polycarbonate sheet is different from traditional bulletproof glass: all glass is a brittle material that will collapse and shatter when attacked; Special polycarbonate bulletproof and anti-explosion will not be brittle, will not penetrate under explosive attacks, will not shatter, do not produce splashes, and will not produce explosive radial "spider web patterns" that block the line of sight. Optical pure transparency, the same transparency as glass, especially the anti-violent attack protection performance can far exceed all other transparent materials at present, is a special high-performance military-grade transparent protective material.

 2. Introduction/

Optical-grade special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets Bulletproof and anti-explosion special transparent materials focus on the embodiment of bulletproof and anti-explosion properties, ultra-high strength and toughness, and its raw material is ultra-high molecular special polycarbonate resin. Its protection performance is better than the traditional bulletproof glass, with a strong and powerful protection ability against close-range explosive attacks, and has good physical properties of optical transparency, which is a bulletproof anti-explosion glass with excellent performance, and has the reputation of "transparent armor" and "transparent steel plate".

 Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet is a special transparent material with both "strength" and "toughness" mechanical properties in a high way (see [Ultra high strength and toughness] for details). Its own amorphous polymer molecular structure can release strong molecular stress to resist and consume bullet kinetic energy at the moment when the warhead touches the sheet surface at a speed of hundreds of meters per second, and absorb the impact of bullets and explosives with ultra-high toughness cushioning, so that the contact energy of bullets and explosives is effectively converted into molecular potential energy and frictional heat energy of polycarbonate sheet and released, which plays a bulletproof and anti-explosion effect. It is precisely because of the special molecular structure and ultra-high strength and toughness of polycarbonate that it can withstand bullets and explosives attack without breaking, cracking, penetration and silver lines, and maintain the stability of physical and mechanical properties of materials.

 Optical-grade special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets special bulletproof anti-explosion glass service: due to the fragility of traditional bulletproof glass when attacked, the explosive "radial spider web pattern" that obscures the line of sight, dangerous splashes, overweight, slightly low transparency and other defects, it cannot meet its use requirements; High-end project user groups that have reliable resistance to thermal weapons (such as guns, explosives, grenades, bombs, explosives, etc.) attacks and high security protection performance standards for transparent materials, and without traditional bulletproof glass defect requirements.

 3. Basic properties/

Excellent bulletproof performance and anti-explosion function, anti Cold weapon violent attack, and military-grade high-energy protection capability.

 Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet has achieved good test results in the dynamic mechanical test of the split Hopkinson rod experimental technology to measure the material properties under explosion impact. In the other material measurement, the 35mm thickness clear polycarbonate solid sheet successfully passed the TNT detonation test, and there was no chipping, no penetration, no silver grain, no spider web lines, dent on the surface damage, and no other obvious changes in the physical and mechanical properties of the specimen.

 The special polycarbonate high-strength "special anti-explosion glass", its powerful anti-explosion function, even when the entire set of doors and windows are lifted by the explosion shock wave, the super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet can still maintain its structural integrity, without breaking or cracking, far exceeding the effect of traditional Bulletproof glass, which is also almost all other transparent materials are incomparable, but also the special advantages of polycarbonate "special anti-explosion glass" sheet.

The bulletproof and anti-explosion functions of special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets are mainly reflected in the fact that they will not shatter, will not produce splashes, will not produce radial "spider web lines" that block the line of sight when attacked, and has the absolute advantages of low density, light weight and high definition, which are just the defects that traditional bulletproof glass cannot solve. According to data analysis, over 75% of personnel or property injuries caused by firearms, explosives, and other injuries come from indirect secondary injuries caused by glass splashes, fragments, and cuts. Due to the inherent material characteristics of special polycarbonate, it can 100% prevent secondary damage caused by debris and splashes, and has outstanding performance in the field of bulletproof and explosive resistance.

 Special Ultra-Thick Transparent Polycarbonate Solid Sheets successfully through the violent attack destruction experiment of cold weapons such as hammers, axes, machetes, iron rods, etc., will not shatter, do not produce splashes, and will not produce radial "spider web patterns" that block the line of sight when attacked, which can provide military-grade security protection and effectively resist armed violent attacks.

 According to different requirements for bulletproof and explosive resistance, special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets can provide 35mm thickness, 40MM thickness grade, 50MM thickness grade, 65MM thickness grade, 80MM thickness grade, 100MM thickness grade and other large-size optically transparent bulletproof and anti-explosive sheets up to 450mm thick.

 Good optical transparency, the highest fire retardant standard of V-0 class: the transparency of traditional bulletproof glass is only about 63% when it is 65mm thick; The special polycarbonate transparent armor glass can still maintain high optical grade transparency at the same thickness of 65mm (see [Optical Transparency] for details). The fire retardant of the special polycarbonate anti-explosion sheet monomer reaches the V-0 class, which can completely avoid the fire caused by the attack of thermal weapons, and can prevent the spread of external flames and effectively block heat intrusion (see [Fire and Heat Insulation] for details).

Special polycarbonate anti-explosion glass has good self-safety, and personnel do not have to worry about bumping, self-explosion, scratch and other risks during installation and operation. Its density is only 47% of the traditional bulletproof glass, and the weight of the material under the same size thickness can be reduced by more than double, which has the decisive advantage of lightweight, easier operation and use, and reduces the overall installation requirements. Special polycarbonate anti-explosion glass can be directly fixed and installed by bolt punching, the installation is more firm, and the special polycarbonate explosion-proof glass and the installation assembly are combined as a whole, and can play the role of optical stress structural parts at the same time; Special polycarbonate explosion-proof glass can also be processed and cut like metal using CNC machine tools, making it into any shape and purpose you need, these capabilities are key and necessary.

 4. Application/

Special polycarbonate anti-explosion armor glass mainly applied to: special building (door/window/wall) protection fields include vaults, museums, high-end residences, prisons, embassies and other key units, aircraft glass, high-speed rail cockpit, money truck protection, chemical equipment safety room, special industrial explosion relief window, high-risk equipment protective cover and other high-end project user groups with special performance requirements for bulletproof and anti-explosion.

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large-thickness clear solid sheet

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  • 30mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 40mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 50mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 60mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 70mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 80mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 90mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 100mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 110mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 120mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 130mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 140mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 150mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 160mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 170mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 180mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 190mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 200mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 250mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 300mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 400mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
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