​Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

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Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】,【Optically transparent】,【Ultra-high strength】,【Better performance】,【More easier to process】

​Major breakthrough in polycarbonate material —— High-grade special transparent material solution.


fireproof and heat-insulating special transparent materials

material performance advantages

  • Fireproof and heat-insulating special transparent armor material with thermal insulation similar to aerated concrete blocks and asbestos panels.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Special heat insulation transparent board, flame retardant transparent material, high strength, fire prevention, heat insulation, easy processing.
  • ​​​The first-class fireproof V0 standard, the thermal insulation performance is better than 6 times that of glass, and 235-420 times that of steel.
  • 90% optical grade transparency with fireproof and flame retardant heat insulation performance, special fire and heat insulation transparent material.
  • Fireproof transparent board, special polymer fireproof glass, maximum thickness 450mm, with excellent physical and mechanical properties.
  • ultra-high strength & optical grade & ultra-thick & high-performance & easier to process & high-end.

ultra-high strength special transparent material

High-grade special industrial transparent material solutions

Special flame retardant heat insulation transparent material, first-class fire retardant V0 standard, thermal insulation performance is better than 6 times that of glass, and more than 230 times that of metal. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, 90% optical grade transparency, thickness range 30-450mm, and fireproof and thermal insulation properties. For Details

High-grade specialty transparent materials


  • Special po​lycarbonate solid clear sheets (Br​and Trademark:Pasmo®)

  • Production Process: bulk polymerization integrated pouring molding

  • Density: 1.22g/cm3

  • Thickness Range: 30-450mm

  • Un​iform Size:50" X 60"=(1270mm X 1530mm)

  • Co​lour:clear

  • Tra​nsparency:≧90%(Based on 30MM)

  • Uses: higher industry, specialty equipment, etc. For details please · CONTACT US ·

Note: This material belongs to high-performance special transparent material, not ordinary polycarbonate sheet, and the smallest price also exceeds 500 US dollars per square meter. Please read the content of this website carefully, hope our communication is precise and effective. Long live understanding.

Fireproof & Heat-Insulating Specialty transparent materials

 1. Overview/

High-grade special fireproof and flame-retardant transparent materials, polymer fireproof glass, polymer heatproof glass, ultra-high-strength heatproof insulation transparent board - high-performance fireproof and heatproof insulation transparent materials.

Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet is a high-end industrial-grade fireproof and thermal insulation special transparent material, with optical transparency, ultra-high strength, electrical insulation, heat insulation, high temperature fire resistance and flame retardant and other performance advantages, thickness range of 30-450MM, monomer area of about 2 square meters of large-size high-performance transparent board, with excellent fire retardant standards and good thermal insulation performance. It meets the highest standard of fire retardant V-0, and the thermal insulation performance parameters exceed 235 times that of general steel and metal, and it has excellent physical and mechanical properties, and is a high-end industrial plate with excellent fire retardant thermal insulation performance.

 2. Introduction/

Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet, a special transparent sheet for fire and heat insulation, focuses on the outstanding performance of fire resistance and flame retardancy, heat insulation and heat insulation in the transparent materials of special polycarbonate sheets. Transparent materials that require flame retardant and thermal insulation properties occupy a significant portion of industrial applications. Unlike general materials, industrial materials often require other basic properties such as mechanical strength, load-bearing capacity, size and thickness, ease of processing, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, etc. in addition to the main application requirements. These different material indicators constitute the application configuration of industrial material standards, This is precisely where the uniqueness and professionalism of industrial materials lie.

 Special ultra-high clear polycarbonate solid sheets are made of polycarbonate materials, which have excellent qualities such as optical transparency, ultra-high strength and toughness, dimensional stability, insulation, temperature and pressure resistance, CNC machining ability, and excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. Its strength, toughness and fatigue resistance are even better than some metal and alloy materials. It is mainly for industrial fireproof and heat insulation transparent materials. It is a high-end industrial special fireproof and thermal insulation transparent plate.

 Special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets flame retardant and thermal insulation transparent panels serve: in the field of special industry, in order to isolate or weaken the heat transfer between certain equipment and the outside world, there are high-end project user groups with special requirements such as fire retardant and thermal insulation performance for transparent materials.

 3. Basic properties/

The basic properties of fire retardant and heat insulation, as well as optical transparency, large size thickness, high mechanical strength, temperature and cold resistance, high pressure resistance, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, easy CNC machining and other characteristics.

 Special ultra-high clear polycarbonate solid sheets have excellent fire and flame retardancy, and their monomer fire and flame retardancy reaches the highest V0 level standard, which can fully meet the requirements of industrial use in related fields.

 According to international practice, it is customary to put the thermal conductivity at room temperature less than 0.2W/ (m· K) materials are called thermal insulation materials, or thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation materials. Thermal insulation performance, that is, when there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the structure, it can prevent external heat intrusion and internal heat loss, for example, heat intrusion can be blocked in summer, and heat leakage can be prevented in winter, which is generally determined by the thickness and material properties of the material. Special polycarbonate sheet belongs to optical ultra-high molecular thermal insulation material, its thermal conductivity value is 0.186W/(m·K), which is better than 6 times that of glass, and is similar to the thermal insulation effect of aerated concrete blocks and asbestos panels.

 Special Ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets, with a thermal expansion coefficient of 5.1*10^-5mm/mm.°C, is a temperature-resistant material used in the usable temperature range (-100°C to 129°C) with relatively stable molecular structure and unchanged morphology. Its outstanding thermal insulation performance can isolate and block the transmission of heat energy flow, so as to prevent heat from sneaking into low-temperature objects from the surrounding environment or reducing the external heat dissipation loss of high-temperature objects, and has a good thermal insulation effect. And within the working range of the long-term use temperature, the physical and mechanical properties of the special polycarbonate material will not undergo any significant changes.

 Special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets, through the physical fire insulation test: 30mm thickness optical grade super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet, 1840 °C flame temperature (blue flame natural gas combustion source), flame height 8.5-11CM, flame distance: 8.5CM, test time: standard 300 seconds. Material test results: no burning burns, no carbonization discoloration, no melting deformation, slight heating in the flame projection area of the plate, no sense of heating on the back, no obvious change outside the flame projection area, and other physical and mechanical properties remain stable. The test results show that special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets have good fire protection effect and excellent thermal insulation function. (The flame retardant grade of special polycarbonate sheet monomer is the highest V-0 grade, blue flame natural gas combustion, no spontaneous combustion on the plate surface, and relevant experiments can also refer to UL standards.) 

Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet has 90% optical transparency, ultra-high strength and toughness, thickness range 30-450MM, uniform size 1270*1530mm (see: products), easy CNC machining.

 4. Application/

Mainly applied to: Industrial equipment manufacturing, testing equipment field, ship and ship construction field, large-scale medical equipment, petrochemical oil and gas equipment, transparent sealing for yachts, cruise ships, transparent enclosures for hazardous chemical devices, and other high-end project user groups that have performance requirements for transparent materials such as fire resistance, flame retardancy, insulation, and mechanical strength.

Global Polycarbonate

large-thickness clear solid sheet

Specialty transparent materials/Products:
  • 30mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 40mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 50mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 60mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 70mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 80mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 90mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 100mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 110mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 120mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 130mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 140mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 150mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 160mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 170mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 180mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 190mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 200mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 250mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 300mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 400mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
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  • Custom product 02
  • CNC machining
  • CNC machining transparent parts
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