​Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

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Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】,【Optically transparent】,【Ultra-high strength】,【Better performance】,【More easier to process】

​Major breakthrough in polycarbonate material —— High-grade special transparent material solution.


resistant high temperature & electricity​ special transparent materials

material performance advantages

  • Special electrical insulation and high-temperature resistant transparent material, insulation temperature resistant high performance transparent material.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​High temperature resistant transparent sheet, transparent insulation material, good electrical insulation, high temperature and cold resistance.
  • ​​​It can withstand high temperature of 130 °C and ultra-low temperature of -100 °C, with a wide temperature adaptability.
  • High-grade industrial optical insulation transparent board, low density, light weight, with excellent physical and mechanical properties.
  • Transparent insulation material, ultra-high strength, V0 grade flame retardant, easy to process, is a high-end product of optical insulation board.

ultra-high strength special transparent material

High-grade special industrial transparent material solutions

Special electrical insulation heat resistant special transparent materials, optical pure transparency, good electrical insulation, high temperature and cold resistance, can withstand 130 °C high temperature and minus 100 °C ultra-low temperature, in a wide temperature adaptation range to maintain excellent physical and mechanical properties. For Details

High-grade specialty transparent materials


  • Special po​lycarbonate solid clear sheets (Br​and Trademark:Pasmo®)

  • Production Process: bulk polymerization integrated pouring molding

  • Density: 1.22g/cm3

  • Thickness Range: 30-450mm

  • Un​iform Size:50" X 60"=(1270mm X 1530mm)

  • Co​lour:clear

  • Tra​nsparency:≧90%(Based on 30MM)

  • Uses: higher industry, specialty equipment, etc. For details please · CONTACT US ·

Note: This material belongs to high-performance special transparent material, not ordinary polycarbonate sheet, and the smallest price also exceeds 500 US dollars per square meter. Please read the content of this website carefully, hope our communication is precise and effective. Long live understanding.

Electrical Insulation & High temperature Resistant

Specialty transparent materials

 1. Overview/

Special high temperature resistant transparent materials, polymer high temperature resistant glass, transparent insulation materials, polymer insulating glass, high temperature resistant industrial transparent materials - high-end electrical insulation & heat resistant specialty transparent  plate.

 Electrical insulation & heat resistant specialty transparent materials, good electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, can withstand 129 °C high temperature and -100 °C ultra-low temperature, wide temperature adaptability, can be used in complex temperature environment, electrical aging resistance, good dimensional stability and fatigue resistance, maintain stable physical and mechanical properties. Optically transparent, thickness range 30-450mm, good processability, with high mechanical strength, is a high-end product of optical electrical insulation board and high temperature resistant materials.

 2. Introduction/

Optical-grade special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets, focusing on the outstanding performance of special comprehensive performance characteristics such as electrical insulation, cold and heat resistance, high mechanical strength, and optical large thickness in polycarbonate transparent materials. Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet special polycarbonate material, is an ultra-high molecular amorphous polymer resin, with natural electrical insulation, and has the same optical transparency different from general insulation materials, large size thickness (the thickest can reach 450MM), ultra-high mechanical strength, temperature and cold resistance, easy CNC machining and other absolute advantages of excellent quality, classified as special insulation high temperature resistant materials, is a high-end product of insulation and temperature resistant transparent plate.

 Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet insulation temperature resistant special transparent materials serve: general insulation materials, temperature and cold resistant materials can not meet their use requirements, transparent materials have electrical insulation, temperature and cold resistance, high mechanical strength, easy processing requirements, or optical grade transparent, large size and thickness insulation, temperature resistance use of high-end project user groups.

 3. Basic properties/

Electrical insulation, optical transparency, cold and heat resistance, electric heat aging resistance, low water absorption, large thickness transparent plate, ultra-high strength toughness, high dimensional stability, good fatigue resistance, easy CNC machining, etc.

 The electrical insulation performance of Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet is determined by its own amorphous polymer material, which is a polymer transparent insulation material with excellent electrical properties. According to ASTM D150 standard, its dielectric constant is 2.96, and IEC 60093 standard has a resistivity of 2.17×10^16, and the dielectric strength is higher than 16.30KV/mm. The electrical resistance of Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet is significantly better than that of polyester and aromatic fiber insulation, especially in the field of high-end optical transparent insulation materials, which has typical representativeness.

 Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet is a large-size thick optical transparent sheet, its transparency is comparable to glass, the maximum customizable thickness is up to 450MM level, with good processability, comprehensive mechanical properties close to metal, which can fully meet the demand for high-quality transparent materials in special fields such as electrical insulation and high temperature resistance.

 Excellent heat and cold resistance, the glass transition temperature of the special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets is higher than 150 °C, the embrittlement temperature is -130 °C, the heat deflection temperature is 135-140 °C, and the softening temperature of Vicat is 155 °C, which can be used stably for a long time in a wide temperature environment from -60 °C to 129 °C. For example, the use of combat aircraft cockpit glass, which can produce a maximum of nearly 100 degrees Celsius heat and high temperature when the high-speed air friction in the airspace, and at an altitude of 10,000 meters, it needs to withstand the severe cold of minus tens of degrees Celsius, and the material of special polycarbonate can maintain its physical and mechanical properties in a large temperature difference environment with strict stability.

 Special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets transparent insulation board has good electric heat aging resistance, in transformer oil at 90 ℃ -120 ℃, with high temperature electrothermal aging 300 days in the process of power frequency breakdown voltage and partial discharge starting voltage change law study, and combined with scanning electron microscopy test analysis, special polycarbonate materials have excellent electric heat aging quality and comprehensive electrical resistance, And it can be applied to the use environment of oil-immersed electrical equipment.

 Special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets insulation temperature resistant materials, with less than 0.13% lower saturation water absorption, 1.22g/cm3 slightly higher than water material density, higher mechanical strength, and advantages such as easy  CNC material lathe processing (milling, turning, boring, drilling, grinding, cutting, polishing, chamfering, sawing, etc.), are outstanding in optical insulation and temperature resistant materials, and are high-end products of large-sized thickness optical transparent insulation materials.

 4. Application/

Mainly applied to: High-end electrical industry, electrical equipment manufacturing, nuclear power system field, special industrial high temperature resistant transparent materials, test equipment and equipment and other high-end project user groups with special performance requirements (such as optical transparency, large size thickness, mechanical strength, easy processing, etc.) for electrical insulation transparent materials, cold and heat resistant transparent materials.

Global Polycarbonate

large-thickness clear solid sheet

Specialty transparent materials/Products:
  • 30mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 40mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 50mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 60mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 70mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 80mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 90mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 100mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 110mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 120mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 130mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 140mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 150mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 160mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 170mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 180mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 190mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 200mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 250mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 300mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 400mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
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  • Custom product 02
  • CNC machining
  • CNC machining transparent parts
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