​Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

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Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】,【Optically transparent】,【Ultra-high strength】,【Better performance】,【More easier to process】

​Major breakthrough in polycarbonate material —— High-grade special transparent material solution.


ultra-thick & high-pressure resistant special transparent materials

material performance advantages

  • High-pressure resistant transparent plate, polymer pressure-resistant glass, ultra-thick high-pressure resistant special transparent material.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Special high-pressure window glass, thickness range 30-450mm, optical transparency, and high-Mpa grade gas/liquid pressure resistance.
  • ​​​Special high-strength pressure-resistant transparent materials, safer to withstand high pressure without breaking or cracking!
  • Large thickness, optical transparency and ultra-high strength, create a professional solution for special high-pressure resistant transparent materials.
  • Easy CNC processing into rectangular plates, columns, cylinders, pipe fittings, transparent conical parts, special-shaped irregular parts, multilateral three-dimensional parts and other high-pressure resistant transparent parts.

ultra-high strength special transparent material

High-grade special industrial transparent material solutions

Ultra-thick high-pressure resistant special transparent material, with ultra-high strength and optical transparency, can safely withstand high Mpa level high pressure without chipping or breaking, and can be long-term used under high pressure conditions. The maximum thickness can reach 450 mm, creating a new era of ultra-high strength high-pressure resistant transparent materials! For Details

High-grade specialty transparent materials


  • Special po​lycarbonate solid clear sheets (Br​and Trademark:Pasmo®)

  • Production Process: bulk polymerization integrated pouring molding

  • Density: 1.22g/cm3

  • Thickness Range: 30-450mm

  • Un​iform Size:50" X 60"=(1270mm X 1530mm)

  • Co​lour:clear

  • Tra​nsparency:≧90%(Based on 30MM)

  • Uses: higher industry, specialty equipment, etc. For details please · CONTACT US ·

Note: This material belongs to high-performance special transparent material, not ordinary polycarbonate sheet, and the smallest price also exceeds 500 US dollars per square meter. Please read the content of this website carefully, hope our communication is precise and effective. Long live understanding.

Ultra-Thick & High-Pressure Resistant Specialty

transparent materials

 1. Overview/

Special high-pressure resistant transparent materials, ultra-thick transparent sheets, specialty polymer pressure-resistant glass, high-pressure resistant transparent plates, high-strength pressure-resistant transparent materials, pure transparent pressure-resistant, ultra-high strength and toughness transparent plates - special optically transparent pressure-resistant materials.

 Optical-grade special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets, pressure-resistant transparent materials, is an ultra-thick, high-pressure resistant special transparent sheet that can withstand high Mpa. With ultra-high strength toughness and optical transparency, safe withstand high pressure without chipping or cracking, good dimensional stability and excellent comprehensive performance, suitable for use under extreme conditions of high temperature and high pressure. The maximum thickness of Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet can reach 450 mm, the strength is close to metal, ultra-high toughness, toughness is better than steel plate, is the only special transparent material that comprehensive mechanical properties are comprehensively close to metal, with the reputation of "polycarbonate armor sheet", "transparent steel plate" and "transparent armor", suitable for large-size high-pressure equipment with high force area. Special industrial equipment, pressure vessel windows and other optical industrial transparent parts solutions, creating a new era of ultra-high strength and high pressure resistant transparent materials!

 2. Introduction/

Optical-grade special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets focus on the outstanding performance of special physical and mechanical properties such as large thickness, high strength and high pressure resistance in transparent materials. According to the general design law, the working stress intensity value of the material determines the design stress strength value, and the design stress intensity value is less than the material strength value. Among them, the design stress strength value directly depends on the material material, specification size, material thickness, safety factor and other direct factors, and installation shape, pressure medium, working environment, fixing method and other indirect factors. Due to the particularity of high-pressure equipment itself, in the high-pressure environment of multi-Mpa level, the selection of transparent materials is quite harsh, based on with its functional analysis, [optical transparency, high strength, high toughness, sufficient dimensional thickness, easy CNC machining, etc.] is a necessary performance index for professional high-pressure resistant transparent materials.

 Special polycarbonate transparent sheet is an ultra-high molecular amorphous polymer, and its unique molecular structure and internal chemical bonds interact to ensure its excellent physical and mechanical properties. Ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet has more than 90% optical grade light transmittance, almost beyond the high strength toughness performance of all similar transparent materials, thickness range of 30-450MM level of sufficient large size thickness (see: products), easy CNC machining and many other advantages, to meet the current requirements of high pressure resistant transparent materials, promote the application and development of related fields, and provide excellent solutions for special pressure resistant and pressure resistant transparent materials.

 Optical-grade special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets ultra-thick pressure-resistant special transparent materials serve: high-end project user groups that have optical transparency, large thickness size, high strength, high pressure resistance, and easy CNC machining for transparent materials such as high-pressure gas/liquid pressure equipment.

 3. Basic properties/

Features: high pressure resistance, large thickness, optical transparency, ultra-high strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, creep resistance, easy CNC machining, etc.

 Due to the particularity of high-pressure equipment, its high pressure is often as high as tens of MPa, and the low pressure is often higher than 1MPa, while the explosion stress of the general household pressure cooker is only 0.1MPa, and the tire pressure of heavy goods vehicles with a load of more than 100 tons is only 0.4-0.6MPa, so the standard requirements for high-pressure equipment in design and material selection are very high. Special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets have excellent mechanical strength and high pressure resistance, according to different pressure conditions, choose different sizes and thicknesses, can be applied from kPA level to more than 100MPa ultra-high pressure strong working conditions, to meet the use of the vast majority of special industrial high pressure conditions.

 Because the strength of the material is a fixed value determined mainly by the material itself, it is defined as the unit load-bearing capacity of the material. That is to say, the force borne by each unit is the same, but when the thickness increases, the amount of unit to which it can bear the force also increases; Therefore, when the strength of the material is fixed, the bearing capacity of the material is directly proportional to its thickness, and the greater the thickness, the greater the force that the material can bear. The properties of the material's ability to withstand stress can be called its application ability (such as bending ability, compression resistance, tensile ability, shear resistance, etc.), the greater the thickness, the stronger the application ability. This is equivalent to the fact that the strength of ice cubes is fixed, but thick ice can be used for driving on it, while thin ice cannot be used for walking on it.

 According to different pressure working conditions and specifications, special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets can provide thickness 30mm, 50MM, 65MM, 80MM, 100MM, 120MM, 150MM, 185MM200MM, 230MM, 250MM up to 450MM thick high-strength transparent plate, which can fully meet different pressure conditions.

 Different from other brittle materials such as glass, ultra-thick optical grade special polycarbonate sheet is famous for its extremely excellent physical and mechanical properties, and its excellent comprehensive properties can surpass almost all transparent materials on the market, and is a special transparent material with excellent mechanical strength and ultra-high toughness. From the perspective of material function, brittle materials should be taboo in the field of pressure resistance. As we all know, because of the influence of the properties of the brittle material itself, it hardly has any toughness and flexural ability, in the compressed structure, the huge pressure produces very small toughness flexural fluctuations may cause the rupture of the brittle material, causing unpredictable property losses and personnel risks. Moreover, brittle materials have many fatal defects that will cause major hidden dangers, such as fatigue strength attenuation, large impact of fatigue strength attenuation, residual stress of internal substances, stress concentrated explosion caused by very fine damage, cracking caused by uneven local temperature, inconvenient machining, etc.

 Good optical transparency, light transmittance of 90%, pure transparency, no optical distortion and visual deflection angle, 200mm thickness of special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate sheet can clearly read newspapers or scan QR codes. (See: Optical Transparency)

 Chemical properties of super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet: weak acid and weak alkali resistance, pH value 2-10 (error within 5%) of acid and alkali environment does not affect the use, resistant to carbonic acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, formic acid, acetic acid, H2S hydrogen sulfuric acid, HCN hydrogen cyanide, oxygen ratio agent, reducing agent, salt, oil, oxygen, anhydrous alcohol, aliphatic hydrocarbons, naphthenes, 20% hydrochloric acid, 20% sulfuric acid, 20% nitric acid, etc., but not resistant to strong acid and alkali.

 Easy to install and use: thanks to the excellent mechanical properties of special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets material (high strength and high toughness coexist), it can be directly punched using bolt fixation, rivet fixation, flange fixation, frame fixing and other installation methods, firmly combined with the installation body, simple, convenient and easy to seal; And it can effectively increase the radial tensile stress and axial shear stress of the material on the compressive stress of the high-pressure medium, improve the safety factor, and achieve better high-pressure resistance.

 Easy CNC lathe processing: Optical-grade special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets have good easy machinability, can directly carry out cold working and special hot processing including cutting, engraving, punching, polishing, chamfering, milling, turning, boring, drilling, grinding, etc., according to the requirements of use processing into high-pressure transparent parts such as rectangular plates, columns, cylinders, transparent conical parts, special-shaped irregular parts, polygonal three-dimensional parts are suitable for different equipment types and pressure-resistant working conditions. (For details, please refer to [CNC Machining Technology Guide])

 4. Application/

Mainly applied to: high-end industrial manufacturing field, gas/liquid pressure equipment, petrochemical test equipment, underwater pressure equipment, deep-water submersibles, sightseeing submarines, ship manufacturing, high-end medical equipment, pressure vessel windows, equipment pressure-resistant transparent parts, petroleum equipment manufacturing field, deep-water observation field, nuclear industry field, high-grade test equipment, metallurgical industry equipment, etc., high-end project user groups with special performance requirements for optical transparent materials in terms of ultra-thick pressure resistance and ultra-high strength toughness.

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large-thickness clear solid sheet

Specialty transparent materials/Products:
  • 30mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 40mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 50mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 60mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 70mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 80mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 90mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 100mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 110mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 120mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 130mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 140mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 150mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 160mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 170mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 180mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 190mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 200mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 250mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 300mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 400mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
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