​Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

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Optical Grade Special Industrial Transparent Materials

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】,【Optically transparent】,【Ultra-high strength】,【Better performance】,【More easier to process】

​Major breakthrough in polycarbonate material —— High-grade special transparent material solution.


violence-resistant attack special transparent materials

material performance advantages

  • Special anti-smashing transparent plate, anti-smashing and collision resistant special transparent armor material, extremely excellent safety protection performance.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Polymer anti-smashing glass, ultra-high-strength transparent armor plate, 100% safety protection, special "anti-smashing glass" in the true sense.
  • ​​​Resistant to 16 pounds of iron hammer heavy smashing and 120 kg of rolling stones impact, it will not penetrate, will not shatter, no silver lines, extremely strong protection ability.
  • Safety protective glass, light safety glass, anti-knife and axe and other cold weapons armed violent attacks, optical transparency, low density and light weight
  • Ultra-high strength anti-smashing transparent material, its powerful anti-smashing and collision resistance can almost surpass all current transparent materials.
  • Ultra-high strength & optical grade & ultra-thick & high-performance & easier to process & high-end

ultra-high strength special transparent material

High-grade special industrial transparent material solutions

Specialty anti-smashing and collision-resistant transparent sheet, anti-smashing and collision resistant transparent material. Resists the attack of cold weapons such as knives and axes, can withstand the impact of 120 kg of rolling stones and 16 pounds of iron hammer smashing without shattering, ultra-high strength and toughness special transparent armor materials, extremely excellent safety protection performance. For Details

High-grade specialty transparent materials


  • Special po​lycarbonate solid clear sheets (Br​and Trademark:Pasmo®)

  • Production Process: bulk polymerization integrated pouring molding

  • Density: 1.22g/cm3

  • Thickness Range: 30-450mm

  • Un​iform Size:50" X 60"=(1270mm X 1530mm)

  • Co​lour:clear

  • Tra​nsparency:≧90%(Based on 30MM)

  • Uses: higher industry, specialty equipment, etc. For details please · CONTACT US ·

Note: This material belongs to high-performance special transparent material, not ordinary polycarbonate sheet, and the smallest price also exceeds 500 US dollars per square meter. Please read the content of this website carefully, hope our communication is precise and effective. Long live understanding.

Violence-Resistant Attacks Specialty transparent materials

 1. Overview/

High-strength transparent plate, polymer anti-smashing glass, anti-large-load heavy objects, high-speed collision, anti-knife chopping and hammer smashing and other cold weapon violent attacks - special transparent armor & special anti-smashing glass.

Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet, polymer special transparent material, ultra-high strength, impact resistance, optical transparency. Resistant to knife and axe slashing, resistant to high-speed impact of heavy objects, resistant to 16 pounds of iron hammer heavy smashing will not shatter, super high toughness, can withstand 120 kg of heavy stone heavy smashing without chipping, no silver lines. Optically transparent special armor plate material, the only special transparent material with mechanical properties close to metal, a special "anti-smashing glass" in the true sense, extremely excellent safety protection performance.

 2. Introduction/

Optical-grade ultra-thick transparent special polycarbonate solid sheets, anti-smashing and collision resistant special transparent plates, can withstand huge loads, high-strength impacts, high-speed impacts, large weight impacts without chipping, the board surface remains stable and does not deform, showing the excellent anti-smashing and collision resistance of special polycarbonate transparent materials.

 Optical-grade ultra-thick transparent special polycarbonate solid sheets are anti-collision resistant and impact resistant, depending on the material of its polymer polycarbonate, there are a large number of benzene rings in the molecular chain, which can form strong intermolecular forces, showing extremely high material strength and excellent material toughness. When smashed and collided by external load, the molecular stress of the material instantly bursts out enough energy to form a strong reaction force on the board surface, hedge off the external load energy, so that the material is not broken or broken, there is no silver grain, and the plate is intact and not damaged, which is the own advantage of polycarbonate material.

 Optical-grade ultra-thick transparent special polycarbonate solid sheets anti-smashing and collision resistant special transparent materials serve: The general transparent materials can not meet their use requirements, and need to resist large loads, heavy object impact, military-grade protection and optical transparency and other special requirements of high-end project user groups.

 3. Basic properties/

Anti-violent collision, heavy object collision resistance, knife slash resistance, anti-hammer smashing, anti-axe and other cold weapon violent attacks, optical transparency, large size thickness, easy processing and installation operations.

 Ultra-high strength and toughness is the basic characteristics of polycarbonate materials, its strong anti-smashing and collision resistance is almost the highest among all transparent materials at present, with the reputation of "transparent armor plate", this alone shows that it is called "special anti-smashing glass material" powerful! "transparent steel plate" that does not smash, hammer, hit, deform, chop, and ultra-high strength.

 Optical-grade special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets, through the weight of 1.8KG, relative speed of 1024km/h aircraft bird crash test, its maximum impact load exceeds 20 tons of force, can withstand the large load of high-speed objects destructive impact. The large-size board surface has passed the on-site physical tests such as knife chopping, iron chisel strike, and open axe chopping in turn, with no penetration, no chipping, no silver grain, no splash, only surface micro-damage, the board surface is complete, and there is no other obvious change in material properties.

Optical-grade special ultra-thick transparent polycarbonate solid sheets, which can withstand continuous hammer hits with the surface intact. Withstand 120 kg of rolling stone falling impact, no penetration, no chipping, no silver lines, only shallow dents on the surface damage, no other changes in physical properties and mechanical properties, to achieve absolute safety protection, the real sense of anti-smashing glass, to meet the special application of transparent materials to resist violent damage such as external force collision.

 Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet can be used for a long time in a wide temperature environment (-60 ℃ to 129 ℃), maintain mechanical properties such as high modulus of strength (See: Insulation and temperature resistance). Its peak impact strength of the monomer reaches 800kJ, which is higher than most other transparent materials. According to different working conditions and stress requirements, special ultra-thick clear polycarbonate solid sheets can provide large-size anti-smashing glass sheets with a thickness of 30MM, 40MM, 80MM, 120MM, 155MM, and any customized thickness within the maximum thickness of 450MM, and can also provide transparent plates embedded in customized metal materials such as steel plates or alloy rebar bars to achieve higher standards of anti-smashing and collision practicality.

 Super thick clear polycarbonate solid sheet is easy to process and install, you can use CNC machine tool equipment through metal-like machining, processing into the required shape specifications, etc., or you can directly punch holes and use bolts and rivets to firmly combine with the installation body to achieve better safety protection effect.

 4. Application/

Mainly applied to: Industrial protection field, machine tool lathe transparent plate, mining machinery, equipment protective cover transparent cover, shipbuilding, military and police equipment, test equipment protection transparent parts, etc., including prisons, banks, vaults and other special buildings (door/window/wall) protection fields, transparent floors, high-altitude planks, high-altitude swimming pools, mountaintop observation decks, beast viewing area fences, competitive stage protection and other high-end project user groups with high-strength anti-smashing and collision resistance requirements for transparent materials.

Global Polycarbonate

large-thickness clear solid sheet

Specialty transparent materials/Products:
  • 30mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 40mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 50mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 60mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 70mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 80mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 90mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 100mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 110mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 120mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 130mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 140mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 150mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 160mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 170mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 180mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 190mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 200mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 250mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 300mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
  • 400mm thick polycarbonate clear sheet
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  • CNC machining
  • CNC machining transparent parts
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