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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

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​Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Anti-smashing glass standard, can it be broken or worn? 【Material Science】

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The optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet can resist heavy blows such as hammers, axes, hammers, and axes of 16 pounds and 7.5KG without breaking, cracking, silver streak, or spatter.

With the development of the times and people's emphasis on security protection awareness, and the need for transparent protection in special industrial fields, anti-smashing glass has gradually become a new term for materials.

What we are discussing today is what is anti-smashing glass, or what is the standard for anti-smashing glass, is it unbreakable? Still can't wear it?

First of all, we need to understand the basic material of anti-smashing glass. The so-called "anti-smashing glass" we usually see includes laminated glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, chemically strengthened glass, etc., without exception, the basic material is silicate. Glass, that is, inorganic glass. Inorganic glass is determined by its material properties and its own molecular structure. No matter how it changes, it cannot escape the weakness of brittleness and brittleness. That is to say, all inorganic glass components are brittle and fragile, and it is impossible to prevent smashing. It is impossible to become "anti-smashing glass".

The so-called "anti-smashing glass" usually has a slightly higher strength than the ordinary window glass that is usually used, or is simply made of film and other plastic and rubber materials for interlayer bonding. The broken glass slag is less likely to fall off, shatter and not wear, and it is not the glass itself that plays a role in this process, but the film. In the final analysis, the standard of ordinary "anti-smashing glass" is not that it cannot be smashed. This is also the reason why in some so-called "anti-smashing glass" experiments, the glass was completely shattered at the first blow, and the anti-smashing test was declared successful until it was smashed into a mess and shattered into powder. Ordinary "anti-smashing glass" is not resistant to impact, impact, or smashing. Once smashed, it will be broken, and once smashed, it will be scrapped. This must not be as the name suggests. Buy it and try it, and then buy a new one.

So, is there a kind of anti-smashing glass that cannot be broken or worn?

Yes, optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet special transparent armor plate anti-smashing glass, pure and clear, it is as strong as steel.

Optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate sheet special anti-smashing glass, the real anti-smashing glass, its optical transparency is 90%, resistant to any impact from a 16-pound hammer, withstands the impact of a rolling stone of more than 120 kg, and is resistant to strong single-point impact, Continuous constant impact or alternating external force impact, heavy load heavy smashing, high-speed heavy smashing and high-intensity impact, etc., can achieve no penetration, no fragmentation, no silver streak, no spatter, optical grade ultra-thick special polycarbonate The special anti-smashing glass surface of the plate remains intact and high transparency!

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