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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】


​Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Comprehensive analysis and comparison of plexiglass acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet Ⅱ【Material Science】

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Promoting the global influence and development of the optical grade ultra-thick polycarbonate (PC) sheet is of great significance for the application of special industrial transparent materials.

1. Overview of special polycarbonate materials: Polycarbonate is an ultra-high polymer amorphous polymer transparent material, a professional special industrial transparent material, known for its outstanding performance, the maximum thickness reaches 450MM mm, and the transparency exceeds 90%. 16 production processes such as annealing are cast in one piece. Innovations in various aspects from raw materials to production processes have fundamentally and completely solved the technical defects such as excessive internal stress, size and thickness limitations, and unstable performance and quality of polycarbonate materials that are common in polycarbonate materials. Research and development, to meet the processing and use of special industrial transparent parts suitable for most fields.

2. Overview of acrylic plexiglass materials: "organic transparent materials collectively", organic transparent materials with the chemical name of polymethyl methacrylate are one of them, with 90% crystal-like transparency, and the production technology is mainly extrusion and pouring , Simple industrial uses are crystal lamps, light box light strips, billboards, fish tanks, etc. instead of glass; Note: High-end industrial plexiglass plates such as aircraft are not ordinary plexiglass acrylics on the market, but are specially processed (ultra-high Special transparent materials such as molecular raw materials, orientation, annealing, X flaw detection...post-processing and other special processes), which cover almost all high-precision technologies for transparent material processing, and be careful not to confuse them.

3. Light transmittance comparison: plexiglass acrylic PMMA is about 90%; while the optical-grade special polycarbonate sheet used in high-end industrial fields has a maximum thickness of 450MM, a transparency of over 90%, and no optical distortion and visual declination.

4. Temperature resistance comparison: Optical grade special ultra-thick polycarbonate sheet has a temperature resistance of 125-130 degrees Celsius; while acrylic plexiglass has a temperature resistance of about 65-80 degrees Celsius, and it is recommended not to exceed 70 degrees Celsius for long-term use.

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