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Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

【Thickness range of 30-450mm】、【Optically transparent】、【One-piece pouring】、【Special Manufacturing Technology】


​Super Thick Clear Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Selection of High Strength and High Pressure Resistant Transparent Materials Ⅱ【Material Science】

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From the material properties, we analyze the conformity of high-pressure transparent materials, improve the understanding of high-strength and high-pressure transparent materials, and make it easier for users to choose high-pressure transparent materials.

At present, the more common transparent materials mainly include inorganic glass (silicate), organic glass (acrylic), polycarbonate (PC) glass and other three categories. Applications in industrial manufacturing and construction production are common. However, due to the limitation that the first two are typical brittle materials, polycarbonate sheets lack practical application in high-grade industrial fields with required functional indicators, and cannot produce pressure-bearing products of large size and thickness, thus fundamentally causing high pressure resistance and transparency. Material limitations greatly limit its selectivity.


In addition, brittle transparent materials have a large influence on fatigue strength attenuation, residual stress in internal substances (strengthened glass due to unpurified trace nickel sulfide, self-explosion, etc.) easily cause cracks, extremely small damages cause stress concentration bursts, and uneven local temperature causes swelling. crack, etc. In addition, brittle materials are not easy to process, and they are brittle and fragile, resulting in extremely small internal injuries such as micro-cracking cracks in internal stress processing that are not easy to be found, which will cause huge hidden dangers for use in high-voltage fields.


From the material function analysis, brittle transparent materials have almost no stable mechanical properties, which should be taboo in the field of pressure resistance. As we all know, due to the properties of brittle materials, they hardly have any toughness and deflection ability. In a compressed structure, a small toughness deflection caused by a huge pressure will directly cause the rupture of the brittle material and cause unpredictable property damage and personnel risks.


So is there a more suitable material?


We need to start the analysis from the performance requirements of high pressure resistant transparent materials. In general, [optical transparency, high strength, high toughness, sufficient size and thickness, easy CNC machining, etc.] are often a class of professional high pressure resistant transparent materials. The necessary performance indicators, and it is the simultaneous appearance of these requirements, makes the materials that fully meet all these conditions are very few, and almost become a market blank, which greatly limits the selectivity of industrial transparent materials.


Different from other brittle materials such as glass, Pam special polycarbonate sheet is a high-strength transparent alloy material with extremely excellent physical properties, mechanical properties, and easy processing properties. It is mainly used in high-end industry, special equipment and other fields. The thickness is 30MM mm-450MM mm, and it is a professional-grade high-pressure resistant special transparent material. (Detailed reference: Ultra thick pressure resistant special transparent material)


Note: When designing the sealing structure of the transparent parts of the pressure vessel, it is necessary to consider the size of the working pressure, its fluctuation range and time frequency, the characteristics of the medium and its requirements on the material, the influence of the working temperature, and the installation according to the actual working conditions. The main factors including geometric size and operating space, etc., select the appropriate sealing structure and applicable seals. It is understood that the commonly used sealing gaskets, gaskets, various locking structural parts and other high-pressure container sealing accessories currently have relatively mature and complete solutions in the industry.

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